traditional afrikaans food 2017

traditional afrikaans food 2017
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Butternut squash. Read our battle between butternut and potato for the title of South Africa’s most-loved vegetable.

Little meatballs.

A baked pudding made with apricot jam and beaten egg whites to give a specific silky texture. Direct translation: velvet pudding.

Chicken. When you say someone lives in a hoenderhemel (chicken heaven), you mean they’re out of touch with reality. Om die hoenders in te wees (to be the chicken-in) means to be very angry. ’n Gebraaide hoender vlieg niemand in die mond nie (a roasted chicken doesn’t just fly into your mouth) means you have to put in the work for good results.

Traditional dough braids that are deep fried and soaked in syrup. Try the classic recipe.

Oats-and-puffed-rice cookies. Direct translation: crunch cookies.

Coconut cake.

Kumquat jam.

Cupcakes. If you had to break down the Afrikaans word, you’d come up with something like ‘dotty little wines’. Read our list of 30 cakes to make everything ok.

A traditional South African recipe for a cinnamon-topped custard tart in a sweet pastry crust. Direct translation: milk tart.