Latest Nigerian Lace Shweshwe Dresses South Africa 2017

When we say you will be wowed with these styles, accept us because you apperceive we accept apparent so abounding styles and alone the admirable styles get our attention.


The styles we are about to appearance you not alone accept admirable material, they are additionally eye communicable to.

choosing a appearance isn’t so difficult so far you apperceive the appropriate appearance that will do amends to your admirable figure.Latest Nigerian Lace Shweshwe Dresses South Africa 2017 Continue reading “Latest Nigerian Lace Shweshwe Dresses South Africa 2017”

menswear brand inspired both Nigerian & Italian aesthetics

Wale Oyejide: Ikiré Jones is a menswear cast aggressive by both Nigerian and Italian aesthetics. We pride ourselves on our altered accessories and affected tailoring.

As you are Wale Oyejide – who is Ikiré Jones?
Wale: “Ikiré” is a apple in Nigeria area my ancestor was raised. “Jones” is my wife’s beginning name. Implicit in the character of the cast is the abstraction that Western and African cultures charge to appear calm to accomplish article better.

How does your ancestry inspire/influence your designs?
Wale: I use my West African ancestry as a bounce lath to accommodate a new angle on acceptable English/Italian menswear. There is annihilation new beneath the sun, but there are consistently new and altered interpretations of old stories. It’s my achievement that my assignment adds to the chat instead of aloof regurgitating what has already been said.

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nigerian bums dresses 2017

In Nigeria today, Ankara fabrics are actuality styled into English wears and there accept been several cases of ladies agitation Ankara bum shorts to high-profile ball contest and accept additionally fabricated appearances on top magazines This has additional the abstraction of Ankara wears in avant-garde fashion. Ankara Bolt frequently accepted as African prints, African wax prints, Holland wax and Dutch Wax is a 100% affection bolt with active patterns. It is usually a bright bolt and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs. It is additionally a actual able bolt and abounding items can be fabricated from it such as hats, earrings, blazers, and shoes to name a few. To accomplish Ankara an alike added able fabric, companies accept best afresh included Ankara prints on chiffon for accouterment such as kaftans and socks.

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