Coats new style 2017 -south Africa -accra

I really just like the new assortment by Cameroonian designer Kibonen New Yorkparticularly the coats and capes. Kibonen was recently featured modish European country skills Spotlight and conjointly one in all the twelvedesigners that were designated by the ITC moral Fashion Initiative.

The wool coats look therefore elegant with the print lining and highlights – their cut jogs my memory slightly of the 60ies. i’m not that a lot of into the pants, however the coats ar ace! Kibonen concerning her inspiration: “My original inspirations came from the “Toghu”, associate tangled and colourful embroidery finished wool on the clothes worn by the royalty and on special occasions by the Tikar and Bamileke folks of the North West Region of Cameroon. I conjointly get galvanized by cultures of different components of the globe. Nature relaxes ME and brings out my deepest inspirations. Zaha Hadid’s design conjures up ME, too.”